Money Saving Principles

The proper practice of money saving principles is essential for achieving wealth and financial freedom. Knowing where your money is going and routinely putting some aside are small steps that can lead you to great places in life.

The most effective money saving principles can be learned in Ron Willingham's new book, The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance. The Ten Laws is a delightful story of a young store clerk, Andrew Baldwin, who embarks on his journey towards financial freedom after meeting and befriending the innovative genius, Benjamin Franklin. The reader is allowed to follow along with Andrew as he learns these timeless laws that, when observed, will allow anyone the chance to dramatically impact their financial situation.

In chapter 4 entitled "Set Aside For Yourself a Part of Everything You Earn", Mr. Franklin educates Andrew on the importance of saving money and why excuses can not be tolerated.

"I have observed that those of us who put our minds to it usually achieve what we want most to have! If our desire to spend exceeds our desire to save, we will accumulate little of real value. But if our desire to save exceeds our desire to spend, we will accumulate much, regardless of the size of our beginning. Great oaks, you know, from small acorns grow," he said, shifting into the role of Poor Richard for a moment.

"However, for an acorn to grow, it must first be planted. It must have a start, a beginning. And if you truly desire wealth, you must make a start, and you are the only one who can make a decision to begin."

He paused for a moment, watching as I took in his words. "As I have told you before, ‘Small amounts regularly saved is how the road to wealth is paved!' However, you must also remember that there are many roadblocks to saving. You must recognize these difficulties and find a way to get beyond them. That is indeed the price you must pay before increased prosperity can ever visit you. You must also learn to make your expenses a servant to your discipline, to trim these so they weigh less than your income."

These and many other words of financial wisdom are carefully placed throughout the story to lead the reader toward unlimited wealth and abundance. Within everyone is the power to change their financial destination. Let The Ten Laws be your roadmap to success.

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